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I’ve loved baking for as long as I can remember, thanks in large part to my parents. When I was little, my dad would make blueberry muffins most Sundays, and their sugar-crunchy top was simply the best breakfast. My mom was (and is) a great baker, and she’s always made an ambitious Christmas cookie line-up, including a mean biscotti. Some of my best childhood memories are decorating cookies with her.

As an older kid, I remember saying to my mom many-a-weekend, “I want to bake. Who can I bake for?” She could have easily said, “Maybe you don’t need to bake this weekend,” or “I think you’ve put us well over the chocolate chip budget this month.” I’m so grateful that instead, her response was, “Well, there's always someone to bake for!” So we would offer cookies to neighbors, or bring banana bread to church, or eat extra muffins at home.

Casual baking—for friends, for stress relief, or just for fun—continued through college, a hectic first job teaching high school, getting married, a 3-year move to the Dominican Republic, and having a little girl (who, thankfully, loves bread). Like many, I discovered the world of sourdough early in 2020, which launched me into a new phase of baking—learning through technique and lots of experimenting.

I’d always dreamed of having a social enterprise bakery, doing something I love and harnessing business for good. I’m not a dreamer by nature, so for many years I didn’t take myself too seriously. But in 2021, I quit my stable job as a grant writer at a wonderful nonprofit and decided to go for it. Because there are always people to bake for. Thank you for being one of them! 

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