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Subscription FAQ

How does this work?

You’ll sign up online for one month at a time. Then, you’ll pick up your bread from our cottage bakery (i.e. our home) in the Guilford Hills neighborhood between 12 pm and 6 pm on Fridays. Your bread will come with details about what you’re getting, instructions for storing and freezing, and some additional fun facts.

What types of bread will I get?

We have something for those who prefer predictability and for those who like to mix it up: •“The Classic” subscription – you’ll receive a loaf of our rustic sourdough every week. Crusty on the outside, chewy and soft on the inside. Flour, water, and salt has never tasted this good! A versatile loaf, try it as a meal companion, ripped and dipped in olive oil, for any type of sandwich, or avocado toast. o1-month subscription: $25 ($6.25/loaf) oOne-time purchase: $7/loaf •The “Spice of Life” subscription – Over the course of the month, you’ll receive one rustic sourdough loaf and three surprise sourdough products! (Think cinnamon swirl bread, multigrain sandwich loaf, English muffins, cheddar cheese loaf, herbed focaccia, and more!) o1-month subscription: $30 ($7.25/loaf) oOne-time purchase: ($8/loaf) •The “No Gluten, Please!” subscription – You'll rotate between honey whole grain bread and a white sandwich loaf, both made without gluten. We think they'll soon become staples in your GF diet—and even if you’re a gluten eater, you’ll enjoy them! (Please note: We are not a certified gluten-free facility, so we can’t recommend this option for those with celiac disease.) o1-month subscription: $36 ($9/loaf) oOne-time purchase: $10/loaf •COMING SOON: The “Power our Social Enterprise!” subscription, Sweets subscription, and shipping options.

So everything is sourdough?

Other than our gluten-free bread, everything you receive will be sourdough-based, with rare exceptions. If you’re new to sourdough, please know this does not mean everything will taste sour or be a crusty loaf. Sourdough bread is as versatile as the rest of the baked goods world; it’s just made with a natural leaven instead of modern commercial yeast.

I’m not a huge fan of commitment, so I’m not sure about this subscription thing.

If it seems like too much bread, feel free to split with someone! Just sign up with one name, and you guys can figure out the splitting logistics. If you do end up with leftover bread, our loaves come with freezing instructions, so there’s no need to waste. We also offer the option to make one-time bread purchases. Check out our Order page.

What if I don't like a certain week's variety?

We’ll always share the upcoming month’s varieties on our menu. If you’re not interested in a certain week’s variety, you can email us to opt for the rustic sourdough loaf instead.

Why does the bread come unsliced?

Our goal is to serve the freshest bread possible, which means it will often be warm when you pick it up. Slicing too-warm bread is a big no-no (it will affect the texture of the whole loaf!). Also, unsliced bread stays fresher longer, so we would recommend slicing as you go!

I'm not going to be around a certain week. Can I skip?

You’ll pay for four weeks of your subscription upfront. If you have to miss a week, you can arrange for someone else to pick up your bread. IF (that’s a big if) we have room in our freezer, we’d be happy to store it for you. Just let us know if you won’t be around!

Why buy this bread when I could just pick some up from the store?

So many good reasons! Here are our top three: 1. Hands down, our bread is fresher, healthier, and made with higher quality ingredients than what you'll find at the store. 2. You’re helping equip youth aging out of foster care with each purchase. (10% of net sales go to local nonprofits working toward this cause!) 3. Yes, you could get cheaper bread at the store. But even many of the mass-produced grocery store options are at least $5 a loaf these days. Consider supporting a small business instead!

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