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Six reasons Second Rise Baking exists

Welcome, I’m glad you’re here! I quit my job to launch Second Rise in fall 2021. Below are some reasons why:

1. I’ve always loved to bake. It’s a problem when you have more homemade bread, cookies, and muffins than your freezer can fit—especially when your husband is gluten intolerant. And getting to share my passion with more people is a gift!

2. It was time to go for it. While I’ve talked and dreamed of having a bakery for many years, there were always plenty of reasons not to do it. I realized that saying, “I’ll do that someday” had become a bit of a copout. I also wouldn’t have taken this step if not for my incredibly supportive husband, who’s been encouraging me for 10+ years!

3. Sourdough is amazing! There’s a reason that sourdough bread baking—that is, baking with natural fermentation instead of added commercial yeast—is still around after thousands of years. It’s truly crazy what you can do with flour, water, salt, and naturally occurring yeast and bacteria in the air. If you typically eat store-bought loaves or bakery-type bread that’s mass-produced, well, you’re in for a treat.

4. I want people to know that carbs aren’t bad for you. There are significant health benefits of slow-fermented sourdough. And every balanced diet includes at least the occasional treat, too—but I’m committed to these being high-quality treats. I care about healthy eating and fitness, and I think baked goods fit into that.

5. Business is a powerful tool for good. Beyond a good product, business can provide meaningful employment, confidence, and a more connected and aware community. At Second Rise, every purchase supports a local nonprofit dedicated to equipping youth aging out of foster care, and as we grow, we hope to provide training and employment opportunities to this group of young women and men.

6. Food brings us together. There’s something almost magical about making a product with your hands, then sharing it to nourish others. I love how food can connect me with those around me—and remind me that we’re all neighbors. We were made to create, made for community, and made to stop and enjoy good bread. 😊

freshly baked sourdough bread

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